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The Origin of Quesadillas

Did you know that the name quesadilla actually comes from the Asturian word Cascadilla? Cascadilla is a pastry made of wheat flour, flavored with Anis del Mono or wine, and filled with toasted hazelnuts or walnuts and sugar. They are then mixed and fried together. Quesadillas on the other hand are traditionally made with corn or wheat flour and are usually filled with savory foods such as meats, spices, and vegetables.

Quesadillas were popular as well back in the day, but they were filled with pumpkin, mushrooms, and spices. It wasn’t until 1521 when Spanish settlers brought sheep, lambs, and cows with them to colonial Mexico that cheese was added and the term quesadilla was created!

It’s been a debate by many people over many years on whether or not quesadillas actually require cheese to be considered a true quesadilla. Even now, while in many parts of Mexico you will receive a quesadilla with cheese, if you go to Mexico City you will find, that unless asked, you will not receive a quesadilla with cheese!

At Las Santas, we offer a wide variety of choices for you to create your own quesadilla on our crunchy flour tortillas. We have flavorful meats from chicken to steak, and even have vegetarian options with our baked cauliflower! Check out our menu down below to see all our options! Photographer credit: Natalie Poette


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