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The Tale of The Burrito

Burritos are one of many Mexican dishes that are versatile and customizable for anyone! There are breakfast burritos, savory burritos, vegetarian burritos, even seafood burritos, but how did this all come to be?

There are many instances of the burrito's appearance in Mexico, but one folk tale is of a man named Juan Méndez who sold tacos at a street stand while using a donkey as his transport for him and his food. To keep his food warm he wrapped it in a large flour tortilla under a small tablecloth. As “food of the burrito” (food of the little donkey) became popular, the name stuck, and the burrito was born!

At Las Santas, you can decide what you want in your burritos with many types of meat and fillings to choose from! Choose from chicken, chorizo, carnitas, baked cauliflower for our vegetarians, steak, and even shrimp! Come customize your own personal savory burrito today!

Photographer credit: Natalie Poette


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